Homemade strawberry ice cream light

Homemade strawberry ice cream light
greek yogurt sauce recipe

Ingredients :

- 500 g of strawberries 
- 1/2 lemon juice 
- 1 skimmed yogurt strawberry flavor 
- 200 grams of light cream 
- 5 tablespoons sugar 

How to make it:

- Wash strawberries, drain. 
- Cut each strawberry into quarters and set aside. 
- In the completely dry blender, grind the sugar until it kind glass. 
- Add the strawberries, yogurt, lemon juice and cream. 
- Whisk vigorously until a smooth homogeneous mixture. 
- Pour into a container and keep in the freezer. 
- When the mixture is almost frozen, go through the blender. 
- Bring back the freezer until ready to serve. 
- It will be ready the Strawberry ice cream,

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