Panna cotta fresh mint choco pear

Ingredients ( 8 people) :

60 CL cream 4% M.G. 20 cl of milk (or cream 80 cl )
4 leaves of gelatine
1 sprig of mint
80g sugar
green dye

for chocolate panna cotta : 80 cl cream mg 4%
130 g dark chocolate and a little chocolate powder defatted (3 Tbsp. Seq.) For a little more color
50 g of sugar ( diet to alleviate )
5 sheets of gelatin
Tonka bean for a personal touch

I wanted to put strawberries between two layers of panna cotta but I forgot to buy .
I picked pears in light syrup and bananas that I cut into pieces


  2 days before : Wash mint, coarsely chop

                           Boil the cream , milk and sugar

                           When it boils well , discard the mint into the mixture , and let couvir


The day before: Soak the gelatine leaves in cold water

                           Mix the cream mixture mint as possible and spend

                           ( I remix mint Chinese and I returned to the cream

                           The return to heat and add the softened gelatine . and some green dye for a bit more color

Pour into glasses . (I got about 650 g panna cotta )

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