tiramisu recipes

tiramisu recipes

The tiramisu is a classic dessert, which is mounted in layers and served cold. There is no single recipe, so there are many variations of tiramisu, from a few basic ingredients. In its classic tiramisu always contains an ingredient moistened with coffee, which is superimposed on interleaved or not, so a cream with eggs beaten with sugar and comes dusted with cocoa powder. Here I leave one of the many classic tiramisu recipes containing marcaspone cheese.

greek yogurt sauce recipe
greek yogurt sauce recipe

Ingredients : 
- 6 egg yolks 
- 300 g. sugar 
- 400 g. mascarpone cheese 
- ½ liter of coffee 
- 1 pack of templates 
- Cocoa powder amount needed 

greek yogurt sauce recipe


- Beat the yolks with the sugar. 
- Gradually add the mascarpone cheese. 
- Prepare the strong coffee. It's better than coffee prepared at this time. 
- Bathing templates in coffee trying not to break. 
- In a bowl, or in individual containers, arrange a layer of templates, 
then add a layer of preparing yolks and cheese. 
- Repeat layers sandwiching templates with the yolk mixture and cheese until mixture is finished. Note that the top layer should be of the yolk mixture and cheese. 
- Sprinkle with cocoa. 
- Remove the refrigerator at least two hours. 
- Remove from the refrigerator before serving.

I hope to enjoy with this recipe see more : Greek yogurt sauce recipe

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