Strawberry jam and blackberry grape

food weight loss No other place in the world in my heart. I am unable to use the words of the tumult of emotions I feel when I breathe the resin mixed with moss and moisture penetrating the heavy smell intoxicates translate. food weight loss Thoughts Officialdom That so sacred to me that has been so full of life and colors and sounds and smells of a summer place , and as if by magic , in September gives us his greatest joys . 

If I eat wild blackberries stolen thistles feel the taste of my childhood , I read in the heart of the evening my sister and spinning in the grass, the last days of the holiday smiles mixed with the melancholy of that fresh air in September light you throw a better punch in the stomach.greek yogurt sauce recipe

September, to you I dedicate this jam that spilled grapes and blackberries in the forest, he realized during the nights of crickets and fireflies and the guitars of a time that seems even close. Greek yogurt sauce recipe And I hope to meet you in its magic again.

I usually jam with perfectly ripe and healthy fruit , food weight loss wash and dry gently . Then I put granulated grapes and berries, 100 grams of sugar and a glass of water in a heavy saucepan and cook over medium heat for 10 minutes, until vegetables begin to soften Now the area is boring , food weight loss go to the mill remove. Grape skin and seeds all annoying This takes time, but I assure you will be rewarded. Put the fire mashed fruit, add all the remaining sugar , apple, washed and cut into small pieces and lemon juice , Greek yogurt sauce recipe then simmer for about 1 hour and 15 minutes, the jam is ready when it thickens. You can also get a saucer in the freezer and pour a spoonful of jam if no inclination which means it is quickly slipping . Glass jars sterilized by boiling," food weight loss" drain upside down on a clean cloth and then jam perfectly preserved by not filling to the brim with boiling water they should be about 1.5, 2 cm above the jam, because when the air bulking cooled . Sealed with corks are sterilized and flip upside down, "food weight loss"
 so that vessels to cold : in this way you will vacuum is necessary for the preservation of the jam itself create . Keep away from heat and light.

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