Better Breakfast Bruschetta recipes

Golden Breakfast Bruschetta

  • prep time25 min
  • total time1 hr 25 min
  • ingredients9
  • servings22

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1 cup flaked coconut
1 tablespoon milk
1 will (11 oz) Pillsbury® cold crusty French loaf
1/2 cup Smucker’s® Sweet marmalade
1/8 teaspoon finely sliced contemporary ginger or dash ground ginger
1/2 cup diced contemporary pear or 1/2 cup diced canned pears
1/2 cup and two tablespoons reduced-fat topping cheese (4 oz)
1 tiny banana, sliced

How to make it::
Heat kitchen appliance to 350°F. Spray cooking utensil with Crisco® Original No-Stick preparation Spray, or line with preparation parchment paper.
Spread coconut in shallow pan massive enough to carry French loaf; put aside. In tiny bowl, beat egg and milk with wire whisk or fork till blended; pour into another shallow pan massive enough to carry French loaf. Roll loaf of dough in egg mixture till totally coated, then appear coconut; press coconut into loaf. Place loaf on cooking utensil.
greek yogurt sauce recipe
Bake twenty six to half-hour or till golden brown. take away from cooking utensil to cooling rack. Cool fully, regarding half-hour.
In tiny bowl, combine conserves and gingerroot; stir in pear. Set aside.
Set kitchen appliance management to broil. On board, cut loaf with toothed knife into regarding twenty two (1/2-inch) diagonal slices. Place slices, cut sides up, on cooking utensil. Broil with super half dozen inches from heat forty five to sixty seconds on either side or till light-weight golden brown, being careful to not let coconut burn.
greek yogurt sauce recipe
Spread one rounded teaspoon cheese on every slice. unfold one rounded teaspoon conserves mixture on cheese. Garnish with banana slice and any coconut remaining on cooking utensil.greek yogurt sauce recipe

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