The Cheesecake au caramel

Cheesecake au caramel

ingredient :

16 gingerbread
3 eggs + 1 yellow
650g cream cheese kind Moret St., Philadelphia, ..
200g caster sugar
10g flour
20g melted butter
For Nougatine
For the caramel sauce:
50g caster sugar
10g butter
10 cl of liquid cream
Flower sea salt

For the cheesecake: Crumble the biscuit and add the melted butter. Bleach eggs and yolk with sugar. Pour the flour and mix well. Then add the St. Moret and whisk well preparation. .
Grease 8 pastry rings. Put at the bottom base of biscuit dough. Press well it must be well packed. Cover with the device based Saint Moret.
One hour bake oven at 90 ° C.
Finish by making the caramel sauce: Make a light caramel with the sugar and butter. D├ęcuisez with cream. Leave until the desired consistency and reduce salt with a little salt. A drop at the last moment on the cheesecake.

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