Berry-apple fairies

Berry-apple fairies
Australian Good Taste - December 2009 , Page 73 Recipe by Alison Roberts Photography by Mark O'Meara

delicious magazine recipes Ingredients 
1 blueberry bagel
3 tsp light cream cheese
1 strawberry, sliced
4 currants
50g fresh blueberries
1/2 small apple

How To Do It:
Step 1

Cut the blueberry bagel in half horizontally. Toast until golden. Place, cut-side up, on serving plates. Spread the cream cheese over the cut side of each bagel. Place 1 strawberry slice at the edge of each bagel to make a head. Top each strawberry slice with 2 currants to make eyes. Divide fresh blueberries between the bagel halves to make a body. Thinly slice apple. Arrange the apple on the sides of the bodies to make wings.
delicious magazine recipes

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