healthy ways to eat plums 7

7 healthy ways to eat plums

Looking for a fresh and tasty way to enjoy plums? Try these seven delicious ideas

By Jennifer Shenouda
Taste of the Middle East: Kick chicken stew up a notch by adding prunes. Your dinner guests will be impressed by how much texture and flavour they add to hearty dishes.
Dessert done healthy: Poach plums in red wine and sprinkle with grated lemon zest for a dessert that will sit easy in your tummy. So sophisticated, yet easy to prepare, you might just choose it over chocolate cake.
Chicken salad with a twist: Shred cooked chicken breast and stir in low-fat yogurt. Add diced plums and sliced snow peas, plus fresh basil. It makes a great sandwich filler for workday lunches.
Plum print cookies: If you’d normally use jarred strawberry jam to fill thumbprint cookies, next time you go shopping look for plum preserves to try instead.

Homemade plum sauce: To make your own delicious topping for meats, or to complement a cheese tray, peel and blend juicy plums with a bit of cinnamon and other spices (try turmeric, nutmeg or ginger).
An easy crostini: For a simple appetizer, brush baguette rounds with some olive oil and bake for five minutes. Top with a mixture of goat cheese and a handful of finely chopped prunes.
Powerhouse smoothie: Pit, peel and slice plums (or use prunes soaked in boiled water if you have already prepared some). Blend with fresh or frozen blueberries, vanilla yogurt and a little skim milk.

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